Treasuring Your Loved One

Is there an important woman in your life who has breast cancer and is bombarded by the bad news of having cancer? Maybe your spouse or partner, your sister, your mother, your daughter or your friend?

Hello, my name is Dave Pipitone. I welcome you to Treasuring Women with Breast Cancer dot com. This website offers you the tools and resources to build a treasuring community around your loved one. A treasuring community can help her cure the bad news of breast cancer.

The bad news of breast cancer has a way of seeping into her thoughts and feelings, making her feel isolated, alone, afraid and unloved. She needs your love and support to cure that bad news. The way that you cure the bad news of breast cancer is to use the antidote of treasuring.

The Bad News of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects your loved one’s physical appearance, her health, her energy level, her emotional states and her self-esteem. A woman with breast cancer can feel isolated, depressed, lonely and hurt.

Women with breast cancer experience pain, anxiety and worry. Your loved one may be enduring surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or facing a terminal prognosis. She may be in remission or her cancer may have returned. The breast cancer journey takes strength, courage and hope to become well again. Every day, every moment of life is precious.

Doctors and the medical team work to help your loved one regain her health. But she needs more than that. Your loved one needs the love and support of family and friends during the breast cancer journey. She needs you to walk along as her companion.

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Yes, we offer all sorts of books and resources, too. But before you buy anything, get the free report and read it. See if this approach makes sense to you before you invest any money or energy in the treasuring system. This system does work, by the way, when you work the system.

So, get started today. Don’t let the bad news of breast cancer win. Let the precious woman in your life feel priceless. Your love and support during the breast cancer journey will make a big difference. Fill out the form right now.

Thank you and God bless you.

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