Looking for a step-by-step guidebook and inspiration to write treasuring notes to the women in your life who have breast cancer?

Each of these Treasuring Guidebooks gives you the resources to be a loving companion during your loved one’s breast cancer journey can help you endure the journey at her side. Please read more about the option that is right for you.

Writing Treasuring Notes for the Breast Cancer Journey
Author: Dave Pipitone
April, 2013. Transforming Life Press. 194 pages.
List price: $14.99

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Book Cover: Writing Treasuring Notes for the Breast Cancer JourneyYour loved one is a precious jewel in danger! The nasty pirate of breast cancer is threatening to steal her life away. Not just her physical health. No, that devious pirate is robbing her emotional well being – and making her heart sick, too – kidnapping her on a journey she never intended. Will you be the one to rescue her?

Women with breast cancer experience confusion, pain, anxiety and worry. Your loved one may need to endure surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or face a terminal prognosis. She may be in remission or her cancer may have returned. Surviving the breast cancer journey takes strength, courage and hope to become well again. Every day, every moment of life is precious.

Doctors and the medical team work to help your loved one regain her physical health. But she needs more than that. She needs the love and support of her family and friends during the breast cancer journey. She needs you to protect her and walk along as her companion.

In this step-by-step guide, Dave Pipitone shows you how to help her navigate the breast cancer journey with a treasuring map, the L.O.V.E. compass and written treasuring notes to rescue her well being.

Dave Pipitone is a husband, father and author whose own wife, mother, aunt and friends have made the breast cancer journey. When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her family was dispersed, he became the primary care giver for her recovery. Dave discovered the treasuring system to emotional support that she needed. Now, that same support system is available to you in this book. Read it today!

“Many people, and I think men in particular, have no idea what to say or do to support their loved ones during difficult times. This book offers real advice that is easy to follow and to apply. Moreover, the book gives people an idea of what to expect on the breast cancer journey and provides some insight into what a woman might be feeling each step of the way. I know that sometimes doctors provide so much information and its difficult to take it all in and retain it – and even more difficult to explain the information to someone else. This book really allows an individual to participate in the journey in an educated way without burdening the loved one with questions.” Rachel Y., Attorney, Chicago, IL

“Dave Pipitone’s book, Writing Treasuring Notes for the Breast Cancer Journey is a compassionate view of the process of accepting the diagnosis of breast cancer, and an exploration of ways to support those who are going through it. As a breast cancer survivor who experienced lumpectomy surgery and radiation therapy, I found chapters 9 and 11 particularly relevant.

Dave’s information in the book is very accurate and tells of the realities of the treatment, but what struck me most was the understanding that the love of friends and family are essential to recovery. This was very true for me. Written notes, meals that were brought to my home, friends sitting with me during the early appointments with doctors…Treatment is a balance of medical care and emotional support and Dave’s book thoroughly illustrates this. If you are looking for guidance on how to actively support someone who is diagnosed with breast cancer, this book is a helpful tool.” Mary W., Hoffman Estates, IL

“I learned things from your book, which I had never learned 20 years ago. I also like the fact that you are teaching your audience how to respond with “Treasuring” notes to their loved one. Many people sent cards to me during my months of treatment, however, I remember they would avoid using the word “cancer”. It was obvious to me that they did not want to mention the word. They were searching for ways to support, but your book really gives family and friends a hands-on approach. One of the things I realize now is that my husband did not know how to support me. Your book could have made a difference.” Mary C., Administrative Assistant, Elgin, IL

“In addition to helping a loved one by sharing their great qualities while they are on a difficult journey, the notion of “treasuring” them is important in that we need also to help ourselves be reminded of our loved one’s intrinsic goodness, and their special qualities and gifts. This “treasuring” can be spoken and forthright, or it can also be subtle and silent, either way it is of great value to both the loved one who has breast cancer and the loved ones who walk the journey with them. Dave, you should be very proud of this project. I laud your efforts to share with others your kind, compassionate and heartfelt reflections and actions.” Sandy Sandquist, Attorney, Palatine, IL

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your book with me. It has been an honour to read it. I’ve really enjoyed the content… you’ve explained difficult things in a way that’s easy to understand, and your whole tone of voice is so kind and supportive.” Cornelia Luethi, Owner, FX Marketing Limited, New Zealand

“Your courage, bravery and faith led you to share and provide others with a compass that you had to discover for yourselves. Thank God ou had the foresight and took the initiative to write your own book to make the journey easier for others.” Dianne K., Schaumburg, IL (friend and breast cancer survivor)
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The Short Books on Writing Treasuring Notes for the Breast Cancer Journey

Are you interested in only the stage of the journey at hand? Do you want information specific to your wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend? People tell us that they want to focus on the step at hand. So, we created excerpts of the full version, for specific people at specific points on the breast cancer journey.

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