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Why Breast Cancer is One of the Worst Journeys Your Wife Will Ever Take

Breast cancer WordcloudHave you been there, when your wife says, “I found a lump. The doctor did a mammogram, then a biopsy.” Then with tears in her eyes, she says, “It’s breast cancer.”

Breast Cancer Does Not Care Who Gets the Disease
It affects your wife’s physical appearance, her health, her energy level, her emotional states and her self-esteem. A woman with breast cancer can feel isolated, depressed, lonely and hurt.

Women with breast cancer experience pain, anxiety and worry. A beautiful woman may feel ugly on the outside and the inside. Many medical procedures for breast cancer cause a woman’s skin and body to look like a war zone.

What Can YOU Do?
You can’t wish the disease away. You can’t reach inside and pluck out the cancer cells one by one. That’s something treatment and the healing powers of your wife’s body can do.

What your wife needs most is to feel loved, accepted, and supported. She needs your love, acceptance and support. She needs your strength. She needs her husband to be with her – every step of the way.

So how do you do this? How can you support your wife by helping her realize how beautiful she is on the inside?

You do this by treasuring her. You let the best woman in your life know that her beauty is not just on the surface. Her beauty is not just skin-deep, it is heart-deep.

You write notes of love and support – treasuring notes – that express your love and support to her. The words of encouragement that you write can make a big difference in her quality of life.

Our Personal Story
How do I know this? From my own personal experience. My wife Cheryl was diagnosed with DCIS, ductile carcinoma in situ, a Stage 0 breast cancer in June, 2009. A mammogram revealed a dense mass in her right breast and a biopsy confirmed that cancerous cells were present.

After consulting with several doctors, we tried a lumpectomy to remove the mass. That surgery was not successful. Another six weeks later, a mastectomy was done. Then, Cheryl spent another six months before she had reconstructive breast surgery. The entire journey and recovery took about 15 months.

During that time, I wrote frequent “I Treasure You” Treasuring Notes to Cheryl to encourage her, to validate her feelings, to tell her how precious she was, to share my thoughts and words of love with her.

Cheryl would read these notes throughout the day and it helped her cope with her breast cancer journey. That entire time, I was walking the journey toward wellness with her. Every day.

You can do that too. If you know where you are going.

Do You Know Where the Journey Can Take You?
The breast cancer journey involves doctor appointments, good news and bad news, surgeries, post-recovery, treatment and reactions to treatment, living in the shadow of a life-threatening disease.

Like traveling at sea, there can be storms, shipwrecks and pirates. Rough seas require friend ships. You need a treasuring map and a compass to navigate the difficult waters of the breast cancer journey.

Many women have more severe and serious cases of breast cancer. Your sweetheart may have to endure chemotherapy, radiation, or even face a terminal prognosis. She may be in remission or her cancer may have returned. Every day, every moment of life is precious.

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